Wednesday, 14 May 2014

A Hard Day's Night in Italy

Poster for Italian cinema release
So, it seems that contrary to what the organisers in Leeds tried to tell us, their screening of "A Hard Day's Night" will not be the only one in Europe. And it won't be the first one either: In Italy, a range of cinemas are going to feature the film from 9-11. June, presented by Nexo Digital. In the sixties, the Italian name of the film was "Tutti Per Uno" ("All for one"), but it looks like they are now sticking with the original English title. Click here to see local cinema listings.
Original Italian title
Metrodome, the movie distributors for the UK are also telling us that the film will appear locally in theatres across Great Britain in July, but has yet to publish a list of theatres and dates.

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NP said...

They're showing it at FACT Liverpool, July 7th at 20.10