Wednesday, 21 May 2014

"Please Please Me" in mono

Please Please Me in mono
A collector is selling his collection of The Beatles' "Please Please Me" LP in mono. Which edition, you might well arsk? All of them! Well, the UK ones, anyway. From the first ever gold to the ultra rare last 60's through to the 82 reissue and more! Since he first started collecting Beatles records many years ago, the man was intrigued about the numbers and letters that were stamped into the run off grooves.

After collecting quite a few Please Please Me's, he managed to make a bit of sense with the running order of the stampers and how the actual labels sometimes changed with the times and when new stampers appeared. He also managed to find (or catch) a few transitional copies that had a side 1 of a certain press coupled with a side 2 from another press.

Eventually after a lot of work and time spent collecting, he decided to put up his own website that dealt with the evolution of The Beatles' very first long playing record "Please Please Me". This was simply because there was no information about this anywhere on the net. Even the Rare Record Collector's Guide has only eight or so different labels listed when in fact there over 30 variations throughout the 60's alone!
For sale is every mono pressing known and unknown, every mis-pressing and a few bonus transitional copies thrown in the mix to make it interesting for everybody. The conditions vary from near mint, excellent to only good if there is only one example available. Including every different variation from the very first E J Day gold covers to the Last E J Day "mid-sized" and all the Garrod & Lofthouse variations too.
The collection also includes several pressing mistakes, for instance a Please Please Me cover with Rubber Soul back. The asking price for the 48 records is £10,000.00.
He is also selling the stereo run of the album, along with the domain name of his website.

Source: Ebay

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