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Thursday, 1 May 2014

TMOQ Gazette Shea cover

TMOQ Gazette: Shea!
This just in: The front cover of the upcoming new underground release of "The Beatles At Shea Stadium". So, the front cover lists a 1991 remaster and not, as reported earlier, a 2005 remaster. Still, it would make this as good as the copy they used in the Anthology TV series back in 1995-6.
Earlier bootleg DVD's of "The Beatles at Shea Stadium" have been taken from the 35mm 1967 ABC station master (with faded colours) or from the last BBC airing of the film, which was at Christmas in 1979, captured on VHS, both in mono.
The actual release is still a couple of weeks away.

This short clip from The Beatles' YouTube channel shows how the film should look like

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