Thursday, 10 July 2014

A Hard Day's Night - German edition (pictures)

Front cover of the German Special Edition
The back of the outer sleeve

Standing tall
Inside the sleeve is this folded package, containing the discs
The back of the inner package
The discs 1 (blu ray) and 2 (DVD) - both containing the film itself plus a few extras
Bonus discs 1 and 2, both DVD - containing bonus material
The contents of the German Special Edition "A Hard Day's Night" are as follows:
Main disc Blu Ray - also included on a standard DVD): A Hard Day's Night film + trailers (English and German), Photo gallery, Audio commentairies by cast & crew.

Then there are two discs of further bonus material. The first of these contains previously announced material, the second has some hitherto unlisted stuff.

Bonus disc 1:
- "You Can’t Do That - The Making of A Hard Day's Night" (59 mins)
- "Things They Said Today" (35 mins)
- "In Their Own Voices" (18 mins)
- "The Road To A Hard Day’s Night" - Lewisohn interview (27 mins)
- "Anatomy Of A Style" (17 mins)
- "Picturewise" (26 mins)

Bonus disc 2:
- "The Running, Jumping & Standing Still film" (14 mins)
- Featurette: “Such a clean old man!” - memories by Wilfrid Brambell (5 mins)
- Featurette: “I Lost My Little Girl” - Interview with Isla Blair (4 mins)
- Featurette: "Taking Testimonial Pictures" - About Robert Freeman (10 mins)
- Featurette: “Dressed To The Hilt” About the costumes (8 mins)
- Featurette: “Dealing With The Men From The Press” - Interview with Tony Barrow (18 mins)
- Featurette: “They And I Have Memories” - Interview with Klaus Voormann (8 mins)
- Featurette: “Hitting The Big Time In The USA” Interview with promoter Sid Berman (Bernstein, presumably?) (4 mins)
- Various interviews with cast & crew (102 mins)
The menu displaying the "Various interviews" portion of bonus disc 2

George Martin reminiscs in a 16 page booklet, accompanying the discs. Thanks to Dirk Bock for providing photos of this release. Of course, the German edition is region coded for Europe. It's available from German Amazon (who are mistakenly listing it as a 3 disc version and fails to list the bonus material).

In the latest edition of their podcast, Fab 4 Free For All features Giles Martin, talking about his involvement in the remastering of the audio for A Hard Day's Night: Link.


DiBoLand said...

Additional: The booklet is only an excerpt for a George Martin book.
Back a selection of already published books and the new released in October book about Brian Epstein.

Gabor Peterdi said...

Are there English subtitles on the German release?

reviloremeor said...

So far, so good, but what about the missing "You Can't Do That" clip itself? The original official VHS of that documentary (59 Min. approxmately!) distributed by EMI worldwide in 1994 had the "complete" clip of "You can't do that!" as a bonus feature after the end credits (e.g. without the overlapping voiceover by Phil Collins and uncut as opposed to it's appearing inside the documentary itself!), so the original running time of the VHS was 62 minutes. What happend to that feature? Did only KOCH MEDIA make this mistake or why wasn't the complete bonus clip included? It's really a shame, that nothing can be re-released the way it was and this is an essentionally missing part of the original documentary that even bears the name of the missing song from "A Hard Day's Night". Is this missing on other worldwide editions of the DVD box set too?