Thursday, 31 July 2014

Beatles calendars 2015

Is it an album? No, it's a calendar!
It's that time of year again - the time when various calendars for next year is released. Actually, Trends International is jumping the gun here a bit, they are unleashing a sleuth of Beatles calendars tomorrow, but Danilo (who are the makers of the "official" Beatles calendars) are waiting until the 15th of August to release theirs.
First off, here are the Danilo calendars, two variations:

The official Beatles calendar by Danilo
And here's a look at the back, to see all the images used inside:

All 12 months.
Next up is Danilo's Beatles Collectors Edition 2015 Calendar. Not very special, it sells for the same price as the other one. It includes a Record Sleeve gift cover. This 2015 Beatles calendar celebrates the fab foursome with amazing photos throughout and large format monthly calendar grids give ample room for your own appointments and reminders to keep you organised throughout the year, it says here.

Danilo's Collector's Edition Beatles Calendar.
And here it is with a sample page
Over to Trends International. Here is their 2015 range of Beatles calendars:

This is their oversized calendar, where each page is poster sized.
A sampling of pages reveal concert posters inside
Next up is their premium wall calendar.

Premium wall calendar, 16 months
If you're short on wall space, here's their solution: The mini calendar!

7" calendar, 16 months
If you're totally out of wall space, but can clear a bit from your desktop, here's the standee:

Same posture every month, but nice!
Then there's the premium Art calendar:

Beatles Premium Art calendar
Premium Art calendar - back
Oh, and since we started with the American albums calendar, here's a second look:

Trends International's Collector's Edition Beatles calendar 2015
The prize for best front cover of all these calendars goes to (drum roll)...

Pyramid's Official John Lennon Calendar (12" x 12")

You can buy these calendars from here: Apple Records Amazon Astore (USA) and some of them are available at our humble UK Amazon Astore.


Anonymous said...

THESE are the days of Beatlemania Nouveau!

dracula1957 said...

Interesting shot as it shows John wearing George's 12-string Rickenbacker.

senormedia said...

Hmm, how many calenders does one guy need? Office, fridge, garage...

["unleashing a sleuth of Beatles calendars" - a Beatles calender detective? How can I apply for that job?]