Tuesday, 22 July 2014

"Floral Hall" footage - songs puzzle

The earliest known footage of the Beatles in concert is this clip, filmed while Pete Pest was still the drummer, although he is not seen in the actual footage. The footage has been commercially released on Pete Best's DVD, "Best of The Beatles", and has been stabilized in the above YouTube clip by HIWAX. The silent film has had people puzzled about which songs the fabs might be playing, and also where this might have been filmed. The two main theories about the venue has been either Floral Hall, Southport, or St. Paul's Church Hall, Birkenhead, but none of them have been confirmed. According to Mark Lewisohn's "Tune In", the two numbers seen in the film are "Dream" (based on the Cliff Richard version) and "Dance In The Street" (Gene Vincent) or, more likely, the Beatles' short-lived contemporary adaptation, "Twist In The Street".

People are finding it hard to believe that this could be the song, "Dream". A few days ago, brilton1 uploaded his own attempt to duplicate the chords seen in the footage, with an added likely drum beat.

Still, we have no clue as to what this could possibly be. Any lip readers out there, by any chance?

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