Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Free EP from iTunes

Free EP to download from iTunes featuring four solo songs
iTunes have made available a free EP, consisting of a song each from the solo careers of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr. The songs are:

Love (3:23) by John Lennon
Call Me Back Again (5:00) by Wings
Let It Down (4:59) by George Harrison
Walk With You (4:41) by Ringo Starr (Paul McCartney guest starring)

We assume Call Me Back Again is a preview of the remastered Venus & Mars.

Here's the iTunes page for the EP.

A button a Beatle - The iTunes Solo Beatle page
This EP release is probably in conjunction with marketing a new iTunes Store page, which gathers together each Beatle's solo career. Click these buttons to explore releases available on iTunes, not only single tracks and albums, but a few music videos as well:

For John Lennon there are a few clips from single songs taken from the Live Peace in Toronto 1969 concert, for George Harrison you'll mostly find music videos from the Traveling Wilburys, Ringo Starr has three or four music videos, and there's also a thin selection of clips from Paul McCartney, mainly three songs from the Prince’s Trust concert in 1986, along with the music videos for Queenie Eye and Nod Your Head. Now, with all the music videos produced by these guys throughout their careers, their video pages on iTunes could have had so much more to offer!

You'll find the solo Beatles iTunes page through this link: iTunes/soloBeatles


Mikko Suhonen said...

Could this be a precursor of a Solo Beatle compilation album by Universal, who now for the first time hosts the entire Beatles catalogue and most of the solo catalogues as well?

Unknown said...

Could it be iTunes are going to release the playlist for The Beatles Black Album from the film Boyhood

Nighthawk said...

Interesting, and a great way to get younger Beatles fans to check out the solo albums. Not that I need it of course, but is the regular edition of "Double Fantasy" no longer available? From where I'm looking (in Canada) only the "Stripped" version of the album is currently available on iTunes. I would hope that Yoko keep John's original vision of the album available, even though the "Stripped" version is quite enjoyable.

Unknown said...

This would make a great vinyl ep release for say, Record Store Day in november.
Also, the cover art makes me think of the Fantastic Four!

Nighthawk said...
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Unknown said...

"Call Me Back Agan" really? Not one of McCartneys best..a good song no doubt, but they could have chosen a better one for this ep. Maybe "Beware My Love" or "Too Many People"