Wednesday, 25 March 2015

On the cover of Rolling Stone...

Returning to the cover of Rolling Stone

Ringo Starr returns to the Rolling Stone cover solo for the first time since 1981 this week, musing on everything from a hypothetical Beatles reunion to why he decided to get clean in 1988. Film and teaser here: Rolling Stone Magazine. They also give you a guided tour through Ringo's solo career, courtesy of videos they found on YouTube.

Ringo will also be talking about his new album, "Postcards from Paradise" on "the Ellen DeGeneres show" on 31. March as well as on "Conan" April 1 (true). Uncut Magazine is looking for questions to ask Ringo for an upcoming feature, submit your question(s) through this page.


Joe Dee said...

Looking good at 74! In the last 6 years the Beatles have been on the cocer of RS at least twice and now all four individually have been on the cover at least once (twice each for PAul and John) . What other band exists where each member can appear on the cover of a mainstream magazine...40+ years after their last album?

Steven said...

Wow...A Ringo drum Solo.