Saturday, 23 May 2015

Checking out the roof

New photo © Apple Corps Ltd.
The Beatles' Facebook page has published this hitherto unseen photo of Paul, Ringo, Mal Evans, Kevin Harrington and some unidentified people checking out the roof of the Apple building at 3 Savile Row to determine if it's fit as a stage for them to play their final concert. This comes in addition to this earlier released photo.

Previously published © Apple Corps Ltd.
Looks like the camera man is checking out angles from which to film. It'd be nice if the publication of these photos are signs of The Beatles' company working on the "Let It Be" movie.


winston o´boogie said...

Those photos are not unseen, both appear in the Let It Be Book, the original one from 1970.

winston o´boogie said...

And I'm pretty sure that the cameraman is actually filming, and that secuence is part of the many hours of unreleased footage.

DiBoLandsTVAndNewsCenter said...

correct both are in the Book little but the same

Mark McKendrick said...

It must have been a job getting the boards and scaff up there!