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Friday, 4 December 2015

Beatles statues unveiled

Beatles statue on Liverpool's waterfront. Photo: Paul Dean.
A new statue of the Beatles has been unveiled on Liverpool’s Pier Head .

John Lennon ’s sister Julia Baird and Liverpool deputy mayor Cllr Ann O’Byrne officially unveiled the giant bronze of the Fab Four today.

The statue has been donated to the city by the Cavern Club , and coincides with the 50th anniversary tomorrow of the Beatles’ last concert in their home city when they played at the Liverpool Empire. The statue, which weighs in at 1.2 tonnes, was sculpted by Andrew Edwards and looks like it has been modeled on the Dezo Hoffmann's photo which was used on the cover of "On Air - The Beatles Live at the BBC Vol.2".

Julia Baird said: "It’s a great honour to unveil this statue. I know John would have loved it. And I bet Paul comes to see it as soon as he comes back here."

The Beatles are facing the river Mersey, Ireland and across the Atlantic, USA. Photo: Paul Dean.

A 1916 bronze statue of King Edward VII, seated on horseback by sculptor
Sir William Goscombe John keeps the Beatles company. Photo: Paul Dean
Two Quarry Men from John's first group were also there for the occasion. Photo: Paul Dean


VideoShack said...

I love the statue because The Beatles never did stand still. They constantly changed and evolved into the most dynamic pop songwriters and recording artists of the 20th century.

Unknown said...

That's very kind of you. We're so glad people like the concept of a peoples statue. Andy

Unknown said...

That's very kind of you. We're so glad people like the concept of a peoples statue. Andy

rhettchristopher72 said...

Awesome statue! I'd def like to see that one day!