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Saturday, 23 January 2016

Bowie spewing

"Bowie Spewing" 1990, Oil on canvas (51 x 41 cm) by Sir Paul McCartney

David Bowie said "Paul sent me a picture of the painting, together with the question if I would mind the title of it. I answered 'Of course not, but what a coincidence, I am currently working on a song that's called "McCartney Shits".

From a review at a 1999 McCartney exhibition in Siegen, Germany, where the painting was one of many on display: Although entitled "Bowie spewing", this small painting was not planned as a portrait. As so often the case with McCartney, the subject emerged during the painting process. Experimental painting with no other motive than "just to let the paint lead the way" (McCartney) results in a physiognomy which reminds the artist of David Bowie at an early stage in his career, the time of his "Ziggy Stardust" album. This second level of consciousness causes him to include a frame in the composition of the picture, which he then decorates with mystic symbols. Using a picture within a picture, McCartney reflects here on painting as a medium. The paint running down the canvas breaks up the narrative illusion, connects the levels and draws attention to the material nature of painting. Here too McCartney makes use of his mental store of images as he is reminded of a motif similar to "Bowie spewing" on a Polaroid photo which Linda McCartney made of Bowie.

Ziggy and Paul, “Live and Let Die” film Premiere in July 1973.
It has been thought that at least part of McCartney's lyrics from the song "Jet" are references to Bowie: "I thought the major (a reference to Major Tom) was a lady suffragette (refers to Bowie's song Suffragette city)". Apparently, McCartney thought Bowie's Ziggy persona looked like a woman. The lyrics of Bowie's song "Ziggy Stardust" have been interpreted to be all about Paul McCartney and Wings.

Bowie smoking.
At the 1986 Prince's Trust concert, Paul introduced Mick Jagger and David Bowie who performed "Dancing In The Street", with Paul on acoustic guitar as part of the backing band. The clip was cut out from the concert film before it was televised and put out on video, but exists on YouTube.

After David Bowie's death, Paul released the following statement on January 11:
"Very sad news to wake up to on this raining morning. David was a great star and I treasure the moments we had together. His music played a very strong part in British musical history and I’m proud to think of the huge influence he has had on people all around the world.
"I send my deepest sympathies to his family and will always remember the great laughs we had through the years. His star will shine in the sky forever."
- Paul

Order print (McCartney Art)
Dancing In The Street (Prince's Trust/YouTube)

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Unknown said...

I love the thought of these two guys hanging out during times when the timing was right over the years. Would have been fun moments to be a fly on the wall for those jokes and discussions. RIP Zig.