Friday, 12 August 2016

Red carpet event in London with Paul and Ringo

Director Ron Howard, attending a special screening in London. Photo: Ian West/PA
Yesterday, the Cinemaxx cinema in Copenhagen, Denmark published the schedule for their upcoming premiere of Ron Howard's Beatles documentary, "Eight Days A Week - The touring years".
The show starts at 7 p.m. Danish time with a televised real time "live from London" 45 minute report from the red carpet London premiere of the film. No doubt, such an arrangement may also be available for other theatres who are screening the film that day. In London, the red carpet event will be attended by director Ron Howard, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr plus other VIP-guests and film people, according to the Danish page.
Ron Howard was in London on Tuesday for what now seems to have been a dress rehearsal for the premiere, with a special screening for an invited audience, which was attended by British celebrities, actress Julie Walters and and Notting Hill director Richard Curtis and other, famous faces (see report here).
Here's the schedule (from this page):

7.00-7.45 Red Carpet - Live fra London

8.00-9.40 Eight days a week: The Touring Years - World Premiere

10.00-10.30 The Shea Stadium Concert – fully remastered

From this, we gather that the film itself is 1 hour and 40 minutes, or 100 minutes, if you like. Furthermore, if we look at distributor UiP's film page, listed as participants in the film, are actresses Whoopi Goldberg and Sigourney Weaver.

Brian Viner from the Daily Mail went to Howard's London screening on Tuesday, here's how he feels about the film: Daily Mail review of the recent London screening. Another review was posted by Uncut magazine here.

The red carpet event mimics the London premieres of "A Hard Day's Night", "Help!" and "Yellow Submarine", where all the Beatles were in attendance. As the group fell apart, the London premiere of "Let It Be" was not attended by any of them. Nice to see the living members of the group attending a new Beatles film, once again named after one of their songs.

We also expect a song from the film one of these days.


David Salvador said...

Here in Spain we will see the live premiere from London in cinemas too

Unknown said...

Bless 'em all. For as much flack as this film is taking before anyone has seen it, I plan on watching it with a mind that is open to experiencing the joy of Beatlemania. I will likely enjoy it even if it isn't the perfect, bootlegger's upgrade... or focusing only on every possible piece of rare live footage in the best possible OCD version. I think we all know that's NOT what's coming, and that is not the story Ron Howard is trying to tell, nor would a film geared to the insane Beatle collector sell to the average Beatle fan... who doesn't WANT to see all the versions of Long Tall Sally in one sitting. I think this film will be hugely enjoyable for what it is. Things are what you make them, but what this WON'T be is the ideal, bootlegger's upgrade daydream.

Dulce M. Mora said...
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