Tuesday, 18 October 2016


Here's one gadget we fell for; it's a mobile phone charger in the shape of a cassette. Exclusively sold at Ringo's upcoming Japan concerts. Capacity: 3.7V / 2500mAh (9.25Wh)
See this page for the gadget, and more Ringo merchandise.

Ringo & His All Starr Band Japan tour 2016:
Oct 24 Orix Gekijo, Osaka
Oct 25 Aichi-Ken Geijutsu Gekijo, Nagoya
Oct 27 Sun Palace Hall, Fukuoka
Oct 28 Bunkagakuen HBG Hall, Hiroshima
Oct 30 NHK, Tokyo
Oct 31 Orchard Hall, Tokyo
Nov 1 Orchard Hall, Tokyo
Nov 2 Orchard Hall, Tokyo


David Brailsford said...

I gotta get that Ringo face towel!


David Brailsford said...

My bad, it must be the Ringo Starr of Apple Candy. I love Google translate

Ringo Starr of apple candy
¥ 1,000-
Can Size: about φ75 × H40 (mm)
candy: 8 pieces
Apple flavor candy canned. Ringo Starr are three types of patterns of candy to print cans located in the random. It will use the cans after eating as a glove compartment. Is the perfect item to souvenir.