Tuesday, 14 March 2017

More commercials for the vinyl collection

DeAgostini Beatles Vinyl Collection, here with Abbey Road.
For their current re-release of The Beatles' albums on vinyl, DeAgostini has compiled two interviews with Kevin Howlett and Sean Magee into two commercials of different lengths, one is half a minute, the other one a full minute. Here's the longer of the two, the shorter one is just an edit of this. Howlett describes his contribution of booklets as a sort of "Director's cut" of the essays he wrote for the 2009 CD booklets, whereas the newer compilation albums have all-new booklets with new essays by him. Magee talks about making the new lacquers at Abbey Road.

As you probably know, this collection is also out in Italy. For a visual comparison between the 2012 vinyl remastered "White album" and the DeAgostini pressing, here's Italian fan Pippo Losballato letting you take a good look at the two editions, commenting in English for your convenience.

Update: The DeAgostini Beatles vinyl collection has now also been launched in Germany.


David Brailsford said...

Does anyone know how I can subscribe to this in the US? I have gotten the first three but I can't get the extras without subscribing. Also, mine came damaged! I contacted the sellers directly but the were a no go.


James Peet said...

Hello Beatlepeople

I wonder whether the Anthology albums will be using the "remastered for iTunes" version or if a new remastering has taken place. Regardless, it'll be nice to have 180g editions of these records. Anybody who bought the original vinyl releases will tell you that the vinyl was not heavyweight.

The other thing I'm wondering (I wonder a lot!) is whether there will be some sort of Beatles release for this year's Christmas period. Christmas isn't the same without some Beatlemagic. Maybe the Fan Club Flexidiscs could be brought out.