Wednesday, 29 November 2017

New TMOQ issues from HMC: MMT and Lennon

TMOQ Gazette Vol 34: 1 DVD, 1 CD
We have been sent the covers of these two upcoming releases from bootleggers HMC (His Master's Choice), whose series "TMOQ Gazette" has previously given us unexpected new material from "the vaults" of collectors. The first one concentrates on Magical Mystery Tour once again, and is the second of a 2 volume set. Like last time around, they do again promise us hitherto unseen movie material.

The second one is a 1 CD 1 DVD set about John Lennon's Walls and Bridges album. The DVD seems to marry the November 1974 film of Lennon out and about in NYC with alternate takes of some songs, with additional material from old news clips. The CD looks extremely tedious, offering mostly umpteen takes of "Whatever Gets You Through The Night" original and remake. Not something to entertain guests with, unless they are Lennon obsessed.
TMOQ Gazette Vol. 33: 2 DVD set.


Anonymouse said...

I am Lennon obsessed.

djJohnny said...

LOL, yes, myself and "Anonymouse" both host the same Lennon/Beatle/Music obsessed one-man (?) parties! :-).... I have ALMOST all of these TMOQ "Gazettes". More reasons not to pay my boring grown-up bills, LOL...Love it.

lemmings said...

where can i order this?

Cecilia Vivar said...