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Friday, 20 April 2018

Ringo's birthday plans

Yesterday, Ringo Starr announced the plans for his annual official birthday celebration, which will be taking place at the Hard Rock Cafe in Nice, France this time around. Ringo and his All Starr Band are touring Europe this summer, and the birthday will be held, as usual, on July 7th at noon. In connection with the announcement, Ringo also uploaded the music video for "Give More Love". Directed by Brent Carpenter, the video includes photos from fans depicting peace, love and kindness, selected from those submitted in a contest.

For the past four years, Ringo's official birthday celebrations have all taken place outside the Capitol Records Tower in Hollywood, but now it returns to a Hard Rock Cafe venue. In addition to the Nice celebration, a specially recorded video message from Ringo will be played in all Hard Rock Cafe's around the globe, at noon the 7th of July.

For those wanting to gather together, locations of all participating Hard Rock Cafes will be announced soon, check Ringo's Facebook Event page for updates and details.

The co-founder of Hard Rock Café, Isaac Tigrett married Ringo's ex-wife Maureen in 1989, they started dating in 1976. So the relatationship between Ringo and Hard Rock Cafe is a deep one.

Another sponsor for this year's celebration will be The David Lynch Foundation, who help spread the word about transcendental meditation (TM).

As usual, you don't have to go anywhere to participate, you just need to say "Peace and Love" around noon that day.

Link: Birthday announcement (


Unknown said...

No UK dates on his tour :(

Teddy Salad said...

Should I say it at noon local time or noon Nice time? Oh, dear.