Monday, 28 May 2018

White album in surround sound

There are news going 'round that Tim Young has finished mastering the Beatles' "The Beatles" (aka White Album) in 5.1 surround sound as well as in stereo at Metropolis Mastering in London. He had been going a few times to Abbey Road for meetings with Giles Martin during the project. The actual mixings were done by Giles Martin and probably Sam Okell.

Tim Young also did the mastering of the Love album, in 2006.

Record Collector, June 2018 edition.
Meanwhile, UK magazine Record Collector is dressing up in white album clothes for their June issue.

There are no further news regarding the 50th anniversary "white album", so don't bother to ask about formats, the Esher demos etc ;-)


Debjorgo said...

I like that the album is numbered No: 0002018.

Real Quaid said...

Did he master Sgt. Pepper too? Because that one was unlistenable.

JBL626 said...

Real Quaid: Giles Martin was in the charge for the Pepper remix. And you're in the minority.

John Medd said...

Only on a Beatles blog would you get someone saying that Sgt Pepper is unlistenable. For what it’s worth, all Giles Martin had to do was replace With a Little Help from My Friends and replace it with Living in Hope.

Keep Calm and Barry Wom

CrackinThunder said...

Dear Apple Gods:

Please release a remixed White Album before we're all too old to hear it or have had our fragile souls released from their earthly existence.

Yours truly,

Fan #00769742

Someone Listened said...

I loved the Pepper remix, it's now my go to version, and I for one would be very pleased for ALL of the same people to be involved in a White Album remix.

And John Medd.... by any chance did you grow up in the country... beside a chicken shack?

James19 said...

It's already done. Now we are just waiting for the announcement. Probably in September or October the latest

John Medd said...

Someone Listened - Sorry, I don't get the reference; perhaps you could explain? Peace and Love.

Westfield said...

We don’t want a remastered edition. We want a remixed edition plus the same deluxe treatment that Pepper received. Outtakes and remixing. That is not too much to ask please;

Someone Listened said...

Westfield, I agree totally. Would make a great X-Mas present to me from my wife :D

John Medd..... You mentioned replacing 'With a Little Help from My Friends' with 'Living in Hope' and the opening line of Living in Hope is 'I grew up in the country, beside a chicken shack.' It's okay, I wasn't going all Ron Nasty on you... :)

John Medd said...

Someone Listened - Sorry, like Barrington Womble, I was two steps behind the beat! I wasn't being totally silly btw, Neil Innes' songwriting, though a parody (obvs), can stand on its own two feet. Archeology and Lunch being exhibit A and exhibit B.
Don't get me wrong - I adore Lennon & McCartney (see how many times I namecheck the pair over at - but the 'Ringo track' let so many of their Long Players down miserably. There, I've said it.
Anyway, thanks again for not going all Ron Nasy on me!

Nottingham, UK
June '18

John Medd said...

Typo - 'Nasty'.

Unknown said...

Unlike the otherwise interesting Pepper box, perhaps a White box could also include the original stereo mix. Or perhaps not.