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Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Norwegian Wood 114

Norwegian Wood, the fanzine for the Beatles Fan Club of Norway has existed since 1980, and issue no. 114 has just been published. The magazine is 74 pages and is written in norwegian only (actually, there's a couple of pages in english this time, a report from events around the Liverpool Sound, written by our honorary member, Linda Carroll).

NORWEGIAN WOOD No 114 - Autumn 2008 Summary in English

Page 1 Front cover - from 1964

Page 2 Inside cover - Ringo in Concert 2008 by Lars Olav Hole

Page 3 Contents & Credits

Page 4-5 Editorial: Ole talks The Beatles and parenting.

Page 6 Old newspaper clipping about The Beatles' children.

Page 7-8 President Linda about The Beatles influences on everyday phrases

Page 9-12 Reviews:

  • Paul McCartney (Fireman): Lifelong Passion (Sail away)
  • Ringo Starr: Painting is my madness

    Page 13-19 The Beatles play Northwich - about a concert on the 23d of June, 1962 - by Roger

    Page 20-23 On Tour With The Beatles - Scotland 1963 by Ole

    Page 24-37 Tripping The Fantastic Liverpool - Highlights about The Liverpool Sound concert

    Page 38-44 Ringo Starr and His 10th All-Starr Band - 2008 Tour by Lars Olav Hole

    Page 45-49 My Favourite Record - McCartney II by Kjetil Johannessen.

    Page 50-61 A Starr of the Screen - a film-by-film review of Ringo's acting career by Linda

    Page 62-68 The News Today, Oh Boy edited by Ole

  • New Let It Be DVD discussions
  • Historic set list discovered
  • Beatles tape found in loft
  • White album in Mojo
  • Beatles monopoly game
  • Beatles for sale (auction reports)
  • Magical Mystery Tour Memories
  • Unknown Lennon-photo published
  • Paul's summer concerts
  • My Soul - New Paul-song
  • Paul in Paralympics
  • George in Uncut
  • Ringo On Tour
  • Ringo's birtday celebrations
  • George Martin honoured
  • Bo Diddley dies

    Page 69 Ad for the Beatles Festival in Beitostølen 2008

    Page 70 Ad for the Beatles Convention in Karlstad, Sweden 2008

    Page 71-73 Classifieds

    Page 74 Mad Day Out photo

  • My article on the Helen Shapiro tour will be published in the next issue of the magazine.

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