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Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Boxed set news

There's no need to contact me for the track listing for that fourth disc in the Paul McCartney Studio Outtakes Boxed Set, I will post it here whenever someone has the details. So far, all we know is the time frame: The disc ends in 1998. So it looks like it will be a "Linda Years" set, spanning 1969-1998.

An informed source tells me that for you George Harrison fans out there, there are some bad news. It looks like Dhani Harrison compiled a boxed set of his father's unreleased material a couple of years ago, but when he offered it to EMI, they didn't think it would be a good thing to release. So back on the shelf it went. Indefinitely.

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Anonymous said...

I really wish some of these companies would follow the example of Rhino and even Sony which have had niche development of rare box sets that start with a limited edition run, which can change if the demand grows. What good does it do to vault all of this stuff while the most interested fan base gets older and either dies off or gets sick of waiting? Time is of the essence with this stuff.