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Friday 29 May 2009

Voormann & Friends - A Sideman's Journey

Klaus Voorman & Friends: "A Sideman's Journey", has been delayed to July 17th 2009.
Klaus Voormann celebrates his 70th birtday with this release. It's the documentation of a journey he took in his 70th year to visit old friends and record with them. Voorman's friends are people like Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Yusuf aka Cat Stevens, Dr. John, The Manfreds (members of Manfred Mann), Bonnie Bramlett, Jim Keltner, Max Buskohl, Van Dyke Parks, Albert Lee, Joe Walsh, Don Nix and many others.
"A Sideman's Journey is a limited edition release, containing a CD, a DVD with the documentary "Making Of A Sideman’s Journey", a hardcover book with 60 pages and a handsigned Lithography. Here's a teaser for the documentary.
The package are priced to 17.99 euros over at, but they are also listing a super deluxe overpriced edition at 120.99 euros, without detailing the contents.
The song he recorded with Paul and Ringo for this project has an interesting story. It's the old Fats Domino song "I'm In Love Again" (previously covered by Paul on the CHOBA B CCCP album). The reason for this choice was that this was the first ever song where Klaus tried his hand at playing the bass guitar. Klaus made his debut as a bass guitarist sitting next to the stage at the Top Ten Club in Hamburg, borrowing Stu Sutcliffe's Höfner 333 while The Beatles performed the song.
This new version was recorded at Paul's studio in Sussex on June 19th 2008, with Paul handling all the other instruments: the piano, organ, harmonica, guitars etc, Klaus played on a Höfner 333 bass guitar. Ringo's drums were recorded in Los Angeles later.

A Sideman's Journey [ Exclusive]


emixdub said...

I definitely get that set (with the dvd). Looking forward having some details about the "Making Of A Sideman’s Journey".

Apart from the evident interest in a Ringo/Paul, Cat Stevens, Dr John... too many to be named, collaborations with Klaus, I have a huge admiration for the man himself. This is a well deserved tribute and a long overdue project that Klaus Voormann realised.

Anonymous said...

here the trailer

total time 70 Minutes

Anonymous said...

So Paul is finally playing in The Ladders, too! (a really obscure reference, I know.)

wogew said...

Here's a preview song from the album, "The Day The World Gets 'Round".

German BEAT! said...

New Releasedate: 17. July. To be told yesterday by Klaus Voormann's wife and manager Christina.