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Friday, 18 September 2009

Remasters Okay, what now?

The Real Love single
Okay, so you've bought the Remasters boxed set or sets, and you're wondering if you've now got a complete Beatles collection. No, you haven't. What you're going to need, is this:

1970: The Beatles Christmas Album
1971: The Beatles’ First (featuring Tony Sheridan)
1977: The Beatles At The Hollywood Bowl
1994: The Beatles Live At The BBC
1995: The Beatles Anthology Vol. 1
1996: The Beatles Anthology Vol. 2
1996: The Beatles Anthology Vol. 3
1999: Yellow Submarine Songtrack
2003: Let It Be…Naked
2006: Love

Maxi CD Singles
1994: Baby's In Black
1995: Free As A Bird
1996: Real Love

And in case you'd like to own the american albums because of their different sleeves, titles and sometimes edits and mixes, you'll also need these boxed sets:

2004: The Capitol Albums Vol. 1
2006: The Capitol Albums Vol. 2

And here's how to get them all.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget the dreadful "Movie Medley" single. Don't think that has ever seen release on CD. Maybe thankfully...

Foxx said...

There was a 2CD with 'all' Tony Sheridan songs in all possible versions. For example: My Bonnie is presented with German intro, with English intro and without intro, and as a 'medley version', all both mono and stereo, so that is 8 versions. The same for many other songs. In total 38 tracks. It's called Beatles' Bop (Hamburg Days) and it is listed at Amazon.

Anonymous said...

And don't forget HELP!
The mono mix has a different lead vocal. Two examples of differences in the vocal in verse 1: the mono vocal has "and now these days" while the stereo vocal has "but now these days.CD: EMI single 1989.

The same mix with a countdown at the start.
CD: EP box set 1991

wogew said...

The Help! single is the same as the Help! version on Beatles in Mono. People tend to think that the single mix was special, but it has always been the same as the mono LP mix. Of course, She's A Woman with count-in is unique to the EP. But it's such a minor thing, I didn't include it here.