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Sunday, 23 May 2010

Beatles at the BBC for 2010 part 7

The final installment of the updated Beatles at the BBC series, "Unsurpassed Broadcasts" has been released, with vol. 1.
Here's the break down:

Unsurpassed Broadcasts Volume One

Teenager's Turn rcd 7th March / txd 8th March 1962

1. Announcer
2. Dream Baby
3. Announcer
4. Memphis Tennessee
5. Announcer
6. Please Mr. Postman

Here We Go rcd 11th June / txd 15th June 1962

7. Announcer
8. Ask Me Why
9. Announcer
10. Besame Mucho
11. Announcer
12. A Picture Of You

13. Interview with Monty Lister part 1 (*)
14. A Taste Of Honey (excerpt from People And Places tv show **)
15. Interview with Monty Lister part 2
16. Love Me Do (single version)

Here We Go rcd 16th Jan / txd 25th Jan 1963

17. Chains (excerpts)
18. Please Please Me (incomplete)
19. Ask Me Why (incomplete)

Saturday Club rcd 22nd Jan / txd 26th Jan 1963

20. Some Other Guy
21. Announcer
22. Love Me Do
23. Please Please Me (excerpts)
24. Keep Your Hands Off My Baby
25. Beautiful Dreamer

The Talent Spot rcd 22nd Jan / txd 29th Jan 1963

26. Ask Me Why

Here We Go rcd 6th March / txd 12th March 1963

27. Announcer
28. Misery
29. Announcer
30. Do You Want To Know A Secret?
31. Announcer
32. Please Please Me

Saturday Club txd live 16th March 1963

33. I Saw Her Standing There
34. Chat
35. Misery
36. Too Much Monkey Business
37. I'm Talking About You
38. Chat
39. Please Please Me
40. Hippy Hippy Shake

Easy Beat rcd 3rd April / txd 7th April 1963

41. Gerry Marsden & Brian Matthew
42. From Me To You

(*) Recorded for closed circuit broadcast to Cleaver and Clatterbridge hospitals on 27th October, 1962

(**) Recorded for the Granada television programme People And Places on 29th October 1962, and broadcast on 2nd November.

A 36-page booklet is included with this final release.

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