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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

At last: The bubblegum book

At long last, Mark "Mr Beatle card guy" Swearingen has made available this book for people enamoured by those good old Beatles bubblegum cards. Get a signed copy from his website or get a mint copy from Amazon . If you're keen to look at some cards right now, here's a page I created a long time ago: Collector's cards.


JR said...

Collector's cards link is no longer active! any chance of a re-up?!?

wogew said...

Sorry. This is a case of my domain being stuck at a webhost no longer in use by the company I use.Trouble is, it was registered from an email address I no longer have access to, as I left that email provider and can no longer reply to emails sent from that webhost to clear up the mess... I am currently trying to solve the case.