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Friday, 29 November 2013

Recent Beatles music videos

Still frame from the 2013 "Words of Love" music video
When the new "Words of Love" video was released to the public a few weeks back, some journalist wrote that this was the first new Beatles music video since 1996's "Free As A Bird". Of course, this only testifies to said journalist's attention span and lack of research. Here's a list of music videos released by the Beatles/Apple since "Free As A Bird", I found most of them listed on that brilliant website for archived information about Beatles film footage, (no, there are NO videos there).

1996: "Real Love"
1996: "Two Of Us"
1996: "For You Blue"
1999: "Hey Bulldog"
2000: "She Loves You"
2000: "Yesterday"
2000: "I Feel Fine"
2000: "Come Together"
2000: "Get Back"
2000: "I Want To Hold Your Hand"
2000: "Ticket To Ride" (Remastered)
2003: "Two Of Us"
2003: "Get Back"
2003: "Don't Let Me Down"
2006: "Dizzy Miss Lizzie"
2006: "Within You Without You/"Tomorrow Never Knows"
2013: "Words Of Love"

Each title is linked to it's own entry at, except for "Don't Let Me Down", which is linked to iTunes and "Words Of Love" is linked to the official Vevo video on YouTube.

Granted, some of these videos are remasterings of old TV-appearances or sixites promotional films, but some are new inventions. Like "Words Of Love", several feature animation, for instance 2000's I Feel Fine and Come Together, as well as 2003's Two Of Us and 2006's Within You Without You/Tomorrow Never Knows.
Most of the new music videos were put together to promote then current releases, like the "Yellow Submarine Songtrack", "Anthology" VHS and Laserdisc releases, "1", "Anthology" DVD series, "Let It Be...Naked", "The Capitol Albums Vol 2" and "Love".

With 1999's "Hey Bulldog", they were in luck, as the original recording session had been filmed in order to make the 1968 music video for "Lady Madonna". The footage works a lot better when used to illustrate the actual song they were recording! The "Hey Bulldog" video is available from iTunes.

The new(ish) "Get Back" and "Don't Let Me Down" videos were also released on iTunes in conjunction with the digital download debut of "Let It Be...Naked". However, most of the music videos were distributed to TV stations only, and some were used at website. As the projects get old, these videos were pulled from the website and the powers that be are also closely monitoring YouTube to get fan uploads of the videos banned. We were unsuccessful in locating a fan upload of the brilliant 2003 "Two Of Us" video. That video was an example of turning film footage from the Get Back sessions into black and white and augmenting the video with animated pencil drawings in the background.

The 2006 "Dizzy Miss Lizzie" music video was simply taken from the remastered (and still unreleased) Beatles At Shea Stadium film and released to TV stations to promote "The Capitol Albums Vol. 2".

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iTunes better remaster it and put a banner of it on their homepage.
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