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Thursday, 28 November 2013

Shea Stadium book

There's a new book out on the subject of The Beatles' famous 1965 concert at Shea Stadium. The book has been written by David Schwensen, who also authored a book about their Cleveland concerts, "The Beatles In Cleveland: Memories, Facts & Photos About The Notorious 1964 & 1966 Concerts". The new book is called The Beatles at Shea Stadium The story behind their Greatest Concert.

The Beatles' performance at New York's Shea Stadium on August 15, 1965 is one of the most exciting and important concert events in the history of popular music. Produced by Sid Bernstein and introduced on stage by television legend Ed Sullivan, John, Paul, George and Ringo played, sang, sweated and laughed for a record crowd of 55,600 fans. It was the height of Beatlemania and launched the modern era of outdoor stadium shows.
"The Beatles At Shea Stadium" tells the story of this concert through researched commentary and exclusive interviews with Beatles insiders, friends and fans. The story begins in 1963 with Bernstein scheduling the then-unknown group for two concerts at Carnegie Hall and the first wave of U.S. Beatlemania. Follow events leading up to the concert as the Beatles arrive in New York, tape "The Ed Sullivan Show" and attend a never-before revealed dinner at Rockefeller Center. Then go backstage as they nervously prepare to face their largest live audience.

The concert and excitement surrounding their performance are described in detail based on unedited live recordings and eyewitness accounts, and gives new insights into making the television special, secret recording session to overdub the live audio for network broadcast, and subsequent restoration of the classic film. Book includes rare photos, memorabilia, and never-before published correspondence, documents and production notes.
Look inside the book
The print version can be ordered from here:
So Apple, where's the corresponding DVD?


Unknown said...

One chapter listed is RESTORING THE CONCERT FILM, so maybe they will release it, possibly as a double with the Washington DC'64 concert. Please?

AuthorDave said...

Thanks for mentioning the book - I'm pretty psyched about it! No word on when the restored film will be released. It was finished about 20 years ago by Ron Furmanek (interviewed in the book) and sitting in the Apple vaults since. Clips have been seen in "Anthology" and "Imagine: John Lennon." While writing the book I heard remixed and enhanced versions of "She's A Woman" and "Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby" recorded live at Shea - and they'll knock you out!! Amazing... Hopefully Apple will release for 50th anniversary. Hope you enjoy the book!