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Sunday 4 January 2015

Twitter: Who is Paul McCartney? Part 2

Tweets from 2015, following the McCartney/West collaboration

Tweets from 2012, following McCartney's Grammy appearance.
2012 article


beeb said...

I have met these people before. They also don't know we have already landed on the moon.

beeb said...

They are the same people who don't realize we have already landed on the moon.

Ole M. Olsen said...

If I hadn't already lost all faith in humanity, I certainly would have now.

Martin said...

Twitter is full of 'Look at me! Aren't I different and funny?' pricks. Social media is a modern disease.... The idiot is now king...

Anonymous said...

The joke is on the boomers who have become the people they rebelled against.
Even if these were not mundane trolling comments by people who knew only too well who PMcC is (and, you might belatedly note, have expressed not a word that is shy of respect), it would still be crippling for those who responded so condescendingly and, in some cases, 'violently' to the children of their children.
It is not any lack of knowledge f PMcC that could indicate the end of civilisation but the RESPONSE OF THEIR GRANDPARENTS.


2014 was the year of the grey hairs. Step aside and DIE in 2015.


beeb said...

It is bad Kara to wish people dead. You kind of make the point - thanks.