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Sunday 26 July 2015

McCartney Archives: Tug of War track list

Archive edition: Tug of War

Looks like the cat is out of the bag as far as the contents of disc 2 of the archive edition of Paul McCartney's "Tug of War" album is concerned. The eager listers over at Amazon have listed the "deluxe" digital edition of the Tug Of War album, and it has a release date of October 2, 2015.

Disc 1 (All tracks: Remixed 2015):
  1. Tug Of War
  2. Take It Away
  3. Somebody Who Cares
  4. What's That You're Doing?
  5. Here Today
  6. Ballroom Dancing
  7. The Pound Is Sinking
  8. Wanderlust
  9. Get It
  10. Be What You See (Link)
  11. Dress Me Up As A Robber
  12. Ebony And Ivory

Disc 2 (All tracks: Remastered 2015):
  1. Stop, You Don't Know Where She Came From (Demo)
  2. Wanderlust (Demo)
  3. Ballroom Dancing(Demo)
  4. Take It Away (Demo)
  5. The Pound Is Sinking (Demo)
  6. Something That Didn't Happen (Demo)
  7. Ebony And Ivory (Demo) 
  8. Dress Me Up As a Robber / Robber Riff (Demo)
  9. Ebony And Ivory (Solo Version) (Previously only released on the 12" vinyl single in 1982)
  10. Rainclouds (Previously released as the B-side to "Ebony And Ivory")
  11. I'll Give You A Ring (Previously released as B-side to the "Take It Away" single)

The digital edition does not list the DVD contents, so what's coming there is of course still unavailable. Also, the corresponding "Pipes of Peace" album has not been listed.

It looks as if the archive scheduling (and possibly contents) has been overhauled lately, as the releases of "Tug of War" and "Pipes of Peace" indicate that the initial schedule has been revised since the schedule was first leaked back in 2011. The original schedule had the following albums planned before Tug/Pipes: Linda McCartney's "Wide Prairie", Wings' "Wild Life", "Red Rose Speedway", "London Town", "Back to the egg" and "Wings Live 1979" (a completely new release).


Unknown said...

Disappointing tracklist, so many tracks missing. I hope there's a 3rd CD.

Brian Fried said...

Totally agree on the track list; no "My Old Friend"? It's the one song we KNOW was left off the album on purpose by George Martin!

As for the 2011 list, it seems a wish list.

I've compared the releases so far with the original EMI releases and they are almost identical in order:
• Band On The Run: Feb 1985 <— archives #1
• Wings' Greatest: Feb 1985 <— not going to be archived quite likely
• McCartney: Apr 1987 <— archives #2, paired with the second "bookend" McCartney II
• Ram: Apr 1987 <— archives #3
• Wings Over America: May 1987 <— archives #4
• Red Rose Speedway: Oct 1987
• McCartney II: Oct 1987 <— see McCartney
• Wild Life: Oct 1987
• Venus And Mars: Oct 1988 <— archives #5, paired with Speed Of Sound
• Tug Of War: Oct 1988 <— archives #6, paired with Pipes Of Peace
• Wings At The Speed Of Sound: June 1989 <— see Venus And Mars
• Back To The Egg: Jul 1989
• London Town: Aug 1989
• Pipes Of Peace: Mar 1991 <— released with Tug Of War
• Give My Regards To Broadstreet: Mar 1991

The reason I don't include anything past Broadstreet is that they weren't looked at for tracks to include with Wingspan, which is when Paul starts talking about the Wings back catalogue and talking about an anthology/Cold Cuts release.

Based on those dates, the only one skipped so far is Red Rose Speedway, which I'm guessing is taking longer to do because of the amount of content that it — and Wild Life — need to go through, especially in terms of video.

Someone in the MPL camp also said there was 8-10 archive releases originally planned, and that would fit, especially if you pair Red Rose with Wild Life, Back To The Egg with London Town and leave Broadstreet alone for potential consideration with another release.

wogew said...

Here are the dates I have for the first-time-on-CD McCartney back catalogue:
29th February 1984: Pipes of Peace
4th February 1985: Band On The Run, Wings' Greatest and Tug of War
27th April 1987: McCartney and Ram
26th May 1987: Wings Over America
5th October 1987: Wings' Wild Life, Red Rose Speedway and McCartney II
17th October 1988: Venus and Mars
10th July 1989: At The Speed Of Sound
24th July 1989: Back To The Egg
29th August 1989: London Town

22nd October 1984 was the release date of "Give My Regards To Broad Street" on LP, cassette and CD, the first time McCartney released the CD simultaneously with the vinyl album. From then on, his new albums were released in all formats on the same date. I actually bought my first CD player because of this release, as the CD contained longer versions of some of the songs, as well as a CD only bonus track. After that, I generally bought the back catalogue albums on CD as they became available in that format.

Real Quaid said...

Remixed? Interesting.

Brian Fried said...

You're right on those dates, Roger, but I was looking at the REISSUE dates versus the original dates, which is what shifts Tug Of War, Pipes Of Peace and Broadstreet further down and much closer into the window we have now.

I have this strange suspicion that Paul thinks of all the CDs prior to either Press To Play or All The Best! as not coming on CD near their contemporary release. That, or whoever is assisting him in the reissue program is looking at the copyright dates on their own collection, which doesn't include the original CDs.

Either way, the series of Archives is actually close to how the original albums were released on CD, which helps make it easier to predict them. :D