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Tuesday, 26 July 2016

New extended I Me Mine

Pack shot of the new edition I Me Mine from Genesis Publications.
It was with the autobiography "I Me Mine", the first collaboration with the late George Harrison, that Genesis Publications decided to change their focus and start exploring the territory of rock music in a series of expensive, limited edition books.

Working with the estate of Harrison, the 2016 edition has been significantly developed since the book's first printing in 1980. In his own words "I Me Mine" now covers the full span of Harrison's life and work with lyrics to 141 songs (59 more than any previous edition), an extended text commentary and new photographs. At 632 pages, the entire work is reproduced in full colour throughout and is presented for Genesis subscribers as an exclusive book and vinyl boxed set of only 1,000 numbered and estate-stamped copies worldwide. At £325.00, it's for the well off Beatle/Harrison fan, but the limited edition Genesis books tend to increase in value over the years.

Part 1 of "I Me Mine" offers readers the story of George Harrison's life and music in his own words, and those of his friend and collaborator, Derek Taylor. Taylor and Harrison's partnership began with a column for The Daily Express and continued for many years; here they write candidly about The Beatles' rise to fame, Harrison's solo career, and his philosophy and spirituality. This is a fascinating insight into Harrison's childhood, and his inspirations and projects - from making albums to planting new gardens, and organising the world's first ever relief concert in aid of Bangla Desh.

'A book which tells the story of growing up, not necessarily the hard way but certainly not the easy way, for no matter how greatly privilege and wealth may have seemed to grace the Beatles' evolution, "easy" is not the word for what happened to them on their way to what has come to be known as The Top.' - Derek Taylor.

The text of the book was to cause a widened rift between George Harrison and John Lennon upon its first publication in 1980. Lennon felt that he was underrepresented in the book, something he was keen to stress in interviews. In his extensive interviews with David Sheff for Playboy magazine, Lennon said "Well, I was hurt by George's book, 'I, Me, Mine' - so this message will go to him. He put a book out privately on his life that, by glaring omission, says that my influence on his life is absolutely zilch and nil. In his book, which is purportedly this clarity of vision of his influence on each song he wrote, he remembers every two-bit sax player or guitarist he met in subsequent years. I'm not in the book".

Unlike other books from Genesis Publications, "I Me Mine" has been published in cheaper editions for mass consumption, first in 1981, and again after Harrison's death. The 2016 Extended edition will also be made available in this fashion on October 18, 2016 - both in hardcover and paperback editions.

"I Me Mine" contains 53 rare photographs, capturing George Harrison's early years; his many concerts with The Beatles and solo, and time spent relaxing at Formula One races and in Maui. For this Extended Edition, more photos have been unearthed and restored and the resulting collection prepared for colour printing. A unique view is provided of Harrison's world, his early days, and his friends and collaborators through the years.

'The truth within us has to be realised: when you realise that everything else that you see and do and touch and smell isn't real, then you may know what reality is and can answer the question "who am I?"' - George Harrison.

Part 2 of "I Me Mine" is a treasury of Harrison's song writing. 141 of the musician's songs are charted in chronological order, explored in handwritten lyrics reproduced in facsimile, typeset lyrics and a commentary narrated by Harrison himself.

The resulting collection provides an unparalleled insight into Harrison's writing process, and the creation of the songs that so many have come to know and love. For the first time, "I Me Mine" covers the full span of Harrison's life, from his earliest songs to his last compositions in 2001. The wit and insight of Harrison's commentaries, and the beauty of his lyrics, make this an essential for any lover of his work.

'Writing a song is like going to confession... writing songs to try and find out, to see who you are.' - George Harrison

The mass market edition.
One thing that will not accompany the cheaper editions of the book is the vinyl album (or is it an EP or a single?), the third such release accompanying a George Harrison book from Genesis Publications. In 1988, the book "Songs by George Harrison" included an EP of rare or previously unreleased Harrison recordings: three songs that Warner Bros. Records had rejected in 1980 for inclusion on Harrison's album Somewhere in England, "Sat Singing", "Lay His Head" and "Flying Hour", together with a live version of George's interpretation of the Beatles track "For You Blue", recorded during Harrison's 1974 North American tour.
A second volume of "Songs by George Harrison" included a second EP of previously unpublished tracks,  "Life Itself" (George's demo version), "Hottest Gong In Town", "Tears Of The World", and yet another song from the 1974 tour, the instrumental "Hari's On Tour (Express). No rumours yet about the contents of the new vinyl disc.

George Harrison became friends with Brian Roylance, the founder and owner of Genesis Publications. Now they are both dead, Roylance suffered a heart attack during a soccer game with friends at 60, in 2005. His son Nicholas, friends with Harrison's son Dhani, now runs the company.

Book facts:
• 1,000 boxed sets
• Numbered & stamped
• 53 archival photos
• Handwritten lyrics
• 59 more songs added
• 141 songs total
• Extended to 632 pages
• Craft printed & bound
• Cover by Shepard Fairey
• Limited edition vinyl

Link: I Me Mine at Genesis Publications


jayzee2001 said...

I hope I understand correctly that the trade edition will now have the full color facsimile lyrics reproductions in it... Previously, only the original Genesis edition had them in color whereas all of the trade editions featured lame b&w images only.

Geert said...

" vinyl album (or is it an EP or a single?)" No details on contents yet, but it's a two-track 7" single.

Johnny Main said...
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Johnny Main said...

Ringo's Postcards From The Boys was also published in a cheaper edition after the initial signed edition went on sale.

jayzee2001 said...

"Photograph" you mean. That's right, and it is in full color. That is encouraging. Thanks.

Unknown said...

'Postcards From The Boys' was ALSO published in a cheaper mass market edition.

jayzee2001 said...

I stand corrected. Didn't know there was a Genesis edition of 'Postcards'. Thanks!