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Thursday 6 April 2017

Cry For A Shadow LP

Oh no, they cut out Pete again!
Here's another EU "loophole" release, a hybrid of Polydor/Decca tapes with the first EMI single thrown in. From Rockwell Music in the UK, this release is limited to just 250 copies on clear green vinyl. Wonder if they still have a market after Brexit?

Side One: 1 Cry For A Shadow (Lennon/Harrison)  •  2 Ain’t She Sweet - The ‘Tony Sheridan’ recordings, 22/23 June 1961, Hamburg Germany  •  3 Money (that’s what I want)  •  4 Till There Was You  •  5 To Know Her Is To Love Her  •  6 Take Good Care Of My Baby  •  7 Memphis, Tennessee

Side Two: 1 Sure To Fall (in love with you)  •  2 Crying, Waiting, Hoping  •  3 Love Of The Loved (Lennon/McCartney)  •  4 September In The Rain  •  5 Bésame Mucho - The Decca Auditions, 1st January 1962  •  6 P.S. I Love You (Lennon/McCartney)  •  7 Love Me Do (Lennon/McCartney) - A & B side of the original ‘Love Me Do’ single. Ringo Starr on drums.

Link: Rockwell Music


Nicki said...

If memory serves, UK copyright law was less stringent than EU law - 50 years instead of 60, but it changed to come into line with EU JUST before the Beatles entered public domain. But I think zero chance of it changing back.

old man taylor said...

What's weird is that song lineup seems well thought out.
Even though I have all that stuff,it would be fun to listen this album.

Bazilnerk said...

I wish people would stop calling this a "loophole". It is far from that.

A loophole is a way around an existing rule or law. This is not a way round anything. It was the law that copyright would end after 50 years and when the law changed to 70 it wasn't retroactive so material that had fallen out of copyright stay out of copyright.

The majority of the world has 50 - 70 years for the length of a recording copyright, it is the USA that are the odd ones out. You could say that they have more of a "loophole" to keep things in copyright long after they perhaps need to be.

These are what most of the world sees as "Public Domain" releases, nothing to do with loopholes at all.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the heads up, I ordered a copy!

8Track said...

Thanks for the heads up Roger, my just arrived in the states today #43 of 250.