Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Collaborations with Ravi

Of all expensive Beatles and solo Beatles releases this autumn, the boxed set of collaborations between George Harrison and the Indian sitar master Ravi Shankar is the most exotic one, and probably also the one item that is going to attract the fewest buyers. Then again, it's a limited edition, so they are probably not anticipating a huge demand.
The lavish boxed set includes a book
Starved George Harrison fans are probably going to shell out, and also devotees of Ravi Shankar and his music. The third group who are going to buy are the Beatles collectors who has to have everything, and too whom money is of no importance. If you order through, you get a free embroidered Dark Horse gift bag as a bonus - imagine that! $69.99 is the asking price, a little less than the most expensive of the new Band On The Run configurations. I really can't see who is going to pay $26.99 for the same set as a digital bundle. The set becomes available on October 19th.

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WanteTom said...

Is it me or it's already out of stock :( (the special bundle) ?