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Friday 3 June 2011

McCartney Archives Collection schedule

The reissue schedule runs from 2010 to 2016. Here is the deluxe schedule with hopes, including DVD archives.

1 Band On The Run 3 cds 1 dvd
2 McCartney 2 cds 1 dvd
3 McCartney II 3 cds 1 dvd
4 Ram 4 cds 1 dvd
5 Venus & Mars 2 cds 1 dvd
6 Speed Of Sound 2 cds 1 dvd
7 Wings Over America 2 cds 2 dvds
8 Linda McCartney Wide Prairie 2 cds 2 dvds
9 Wild Life 2 cds 2 dvds
10 Red Rose Speedway 2 cds 2 dvds
11 London Town 2 cds 1 dvd
12 Back to the egg 2 cds 1 dvd (probably the Back To The Egg TV Special)
13 Wings Live 1979 (NEW TITLE) 2 cds 1 dvd  (Probably Glasgow audio and Hammersmith DVD)
14 Tug Of War 2 cds 1 dvd
15 Pipes Of Peace 2 cds 1 dvd
16 Give my regards to Broad Street 3 cds 2 dvd
17 Press To Play 4 cds 1 dvd
18 Choba B CCCP + Prince's Trust Birthday Party 2 cds 1 dvd
19 McGear / Holly Days / Whippets / Country Hams and Surprises 4 cds
20 Flowers In The Dirt 3 cds 1 dvd
21 Tripping The Live Fantastic 3 cds 2 dvds
22 Unplugged 2 cds 1 dvd
23 Off The Ground 3 cds 2 dvds
24 Paul Is Live 2 cds 2 dvds
25 The Fireman Vol 1 & 2 ( Strawberry + Rusches ) 3 cds 1 dvd
26 Oobu Joobu , liverpool collage, Daumier's Law and crazy stuff 3 cds 1 dvd
27 Flaming Pie 2 cds 2 dvds
28 Run Devil Run 2 cds 1 dvd
29 Driving Rain 2 cds 1 dvd
30 Back In The US / World 3 cds 1 dvd
31 Chaos & Creation in The Back Yard 2 cds 2 dvds
32 Memory Almost Full 2 cds 1 dvd
33 Electric Arguments 3 cds 1 dvd ( reissue )
34 Liverpool Oratorio 3 cds 2 dvds
35 Standing Stone 3 cds 2 dvds
36 Working Classical / A Leaf 2 cds 1 dvd
37 Ecce Cor Meum 2 cds 1 dvd

38 The Studio Outtakes (NEW TITLE) 1970 / 1989 4 cds
39 The Studio Outtakes (NEW TITLE) 1990 / 2014 4 cds

40 The Rude Studio Recordings (NEW TITLE) 1970 / 1997 4 cds

41 The Demos (NEW TITLE) 1960 1979 4 cds
42 The Demos (NEW TITLE) 1980 2016 4 cds


Sergio Taraddei said...

Hi Wogew in another list found on internet there is also this title: 43 The rare live recordings, soundchecks and rehearsals 4 cds

wogew said...

Thanks Sergio!

TheMexicanBeatle said...

I really wish this is true because of all the amazing extras, but in the other hand, are cd's really bound to last until 2016? surely ram, band on the run and both mccartney's (among others) are quite profitable, but can they have the same treatment as the less popular albums?? Is there any human who has the patience to wait FIVE long years??

great blog!

Mauricio Pérez said...

y el Thrillington??????
a los dts: Venus & Mars, Band On The Run????????

Anonymous said...

What is this Whippets thing? I've never heard of it.


"McGear / Holly Days / Whippets / Country Hams and Surprises 4 cds"???

Noo!!! just a rumor...please!!!

John Sposato said...

I can't believe it'll take another five years time to get these all done. Are you sure about this? Its just last year, I was trying to get Wild Life and McCartney II for a fan overseas, and it took a while, but at least now one of them is available without having to spend a fortune ot resorting to a copy.

Anonymous said...

This very informative interview with McCartney's manager may suggest that the project release list may be only TEN items and it looks like the next one up is 'Wings Over America'.

darren peacock said...

12It's getting closer to Christmas 2012. Isn't there supposed to be another remaster coming out for the holiday season? Venus And Mars?

wogew said...

and Speed of Sound and Woa...but look here. It's on in 2013.

david_b said...

You mean.... I can FINALLY replace my awesome 'Last Flight' bootleg..?


joe said...


Unbeliavable! One of the most well-balanced compilations was left out of the reissues?
And how about good evening new york city???
Pls tell me this list is incomplete!
Good Lord...


Finished in 2039!!!!!

Unknown said...

There's no way these will be released by 2016 or before most of our life times at the rate they are coming out. I heard in an interview with Paul's manager that they may only be 10 archive releases. That would make more sense with the 2016 date. Although I would love to see them all I don't think it's going to happen. Anybody have any new details?

Anonymous said...

This list, if from the inside as we suspect, is clearly an initial estimation of available materials for packages. That it starts out roughly in the same pattern as the reissue campaign thusfar is probably because those items are the most obvious. The switching of 'WOA' to BEFORE 'Venus and Mars' and "Speed of Sound' is evidence that strategy was applied later, applying the success of 'WOA' and 'memories of the 76 US Tour' and acclaim with Paul's current live action in America to the task of rehabilitating the studio albums of the period which had great success but not kudos.

We'll soon see if that works but will the derision delivered to the albums courtesy of 'Crossroads' in the UK and 'Silly Love Songs' in the USA persist?

Martin Quibell said...

This is taking so long!!!

Andrew said...

So, this is going well.....