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Monday, 30 July 2012

Live Kisses DVD

The Capitol Studios concert version of Paul McCartney's "Kisses On The Bottom" will be released on DVD as "Live Kisses" September 7th by Eagle Rock. The film was shown on TV in the USA recently, as part of PBS' "Great Performances" series.


DiBoLandsTVAndNewsCenter said...

looks like fake bootleg dvd

wogew said...

It's an official poster for the film.

Unknown said...

Hi, congratulatios for your blog, Last week I bought the blu ray of Live Kisses, and then I realised that "I'm gonna sit ..." is different from the other previous Live Kisses download, (on the blu ray Paul doesn't say "Welcome to Capitol..."), maybe it's just me but I really find this difficult, lately they have been releasing too many versions, slight variations among them, digital downloads with a bonus etc. It's really hard to keep everything on track, then, how many versions of the live presentation of kisses on the bottom are there?

Greetings from Mexico!