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Friday, 21 September 2012

Beatles on vinyl goes viral

Looks like the word is out on bigger sites than our, so expect the media at large to catch on this week-end.
Analogplanet reports that the first hold-ups were due to finding a pressing plant that could consistently produce the level of quiet demanded by the producers. Then came issues related to the full-sized book that will be included in the box.
Musicdirect had a photo of the Beatles' vinyl albums along with some info earlier today, but it disappeared all of a sudden. Guess they got a call from Apple corps. Nevertheless, the word is out, and even my local Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet has a story about it. The price for the limited edition boxed set with it's book is rumoured to be around $400, whereas the individual albums supposedly will cost you just $23 a piece. That makes the box and book very expensive... around $100. November 13th is now set as the release day.

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shekespeare said...

I have followed the news of the publication of the catalog of The Beatles on vinyl for a long time and has always been delayed. Even removed pre-order of the individual LP scheduled for October 2011. Now I've seen a couple of portals finally announce that the vinyl will be released, but the announcement of this blog if it makes me believe it's true because normally you always hit the nail with the firstfruits they advertise. Now I have another question, the catalog will be released in Stereo or Mono?