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Monday, 24 September 2012

Beatles Vinyls: Official statement expected October 1st

The Beatles/Apple Corps have put a lid on things until they make the official public statement via a press release (and no doubt a full blown campaign on, advertisements in the printed media and their YouTube channel) on October 1st. So most of the listings we have reported are now removed. For now. But it's stereo. If they sell well, then maybe it's time for the mono's. But it's from the digital masters. So probably no gain in sound over the USB Apple stick. And don't expect the remastered cassettes!


Newton said...

Hello. I'm from Brazil. What if they would release again The Original Let It Be 160 Page Book. Only to the Box, to those ones who would buy it the records in their entirety. Just an speculation. This would make hard-core fans crazy.

wogew said...

The Boxed set "Let It Be" has always been on the want list of fans, I remember there was speculations in the eighties regarding the boxed set when the Beatles CD's first came out, too. And no, I don't think the boxed set "Let It Be" ever will be replicated. At least, not officially.