Wednesday, 10 October 2012

MMT Official movie website

The boys (and girls) at the Paul Raymond Revue
As is their custom (remember, The Beatles/Apple has launched a standalone website for their latest revived movie. You'll find it over at We are curious, so we snooped around the internet a bit and looked up who owned various other domain names. Long story short: turned out to be registered by none other than our own Apple Corps Ltd. Gives us hope, don't you think?

Remastered Beatles movies for DVD:
1964: A Hard Day's Night (film rights not owned by The Beatles) 2000 (DVD) 2009/11 (Blu-ray in Canada/Mexico)
1965: Help! 2007 (DVD)
1967: Magical Mystery Tour (2012 DVD & Blu-ray)
1968: Yellow Submarine 1999 (DVD), further restored/remastered 2012 (DVD/Blu-ray)
1970: Let It Be never released on DVD, only on VHS/Laserdisk in 1981

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