Friday, 22 August 2014

The Beatles' first USA concert tour


Tour programme

19 August Cow Palace, San Francisco
20 August Convention Hall, Las Vegas
21 August Coliseum, Seattle
22 August Empire Stadium, Vancouver
23 August Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles
26 August Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Denver
27 August The Gardens, Cincinnati
28-29 August Forest Hills Stadium, New York
30 August Convention Hall, Atlantic City
2 September Convention Hall, Philadelphia
3 September State Fair Coliseum, Indianapolis
4 September Auditorium, Milwaukee
5 September International Amphitheatre, Chicago
6 September Olympia Stadium, Detroit
7 September Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto
8 September Forum, Montreal
11 September Gator Bowl, Jacksonville
12 September Boston Gardens, Boston
13 September Civic Centre, Baltimore
14 September Civic Arena, Pittsburgh
15 September Public Auditorium, Cleveland
16 September City Park Stadium, New Orleans
17 September Municipal Stadium, Kansas City
18 September Memorial Coliseum, Dallas
20 September Paramount Theatre, New York

America is celebrating the Beatles' first proper North American tour these days, and in every city they played some sort of commemorative stuff is going on, either in the local papers, tribute concerts, photo exhibitions. local TV news etc.
Above is the tour itinerary, and it's linked to actual footage of each concert, with a few exceptions.

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