Tuesday, 12 August 2014

"Train song" mystery solved?

A Hard Day's Night
In a great article about the restoration of "A Hard Day's Night" (picture and sound), Matt Hurwitz seems to have solved the "train song" mystery.
One of the session musicians who worked on George Martin sessions for incidental music for the film says he's playing on the clip, not Ringo.
"That's definitely me," drummer Clem Cattini (at that point, fresh from The Tornadoes) told Hurwitz for a lengthy StudioDaily piece on the film's restoration. "The guitars, I think, were ‘Big Jim’ Sullivan and Jimmy Page. They did a lot of the rock stuff together in those days, particularly on these kinds of sessions.”

Read the full piece at Studiodaily.com. You won't regret it.


Anonymous said...

Brilliant. As I've recently been getting into Jimmy Page's recent Led Zep remasters (which he confesses somewhere were inspired by the Beatles remasters), I've been shocked but somehow unsurprised that Beatles/Zep connections are multiplying, starting with the forthcoming Bonzo/Wings (which it seems that some bootlegists already have but which I'd never even heard about til the tracklisting for 'Speed of Sound' deluxe).

The one that's not exactly a news item is some photos of Jimmy Page's stage-outfits and mullets (in an article about his influence on fashion (!) which I regret I can't link to just at this moment) which make him look uncannily like Paul. So which of them had 'the look' first?
'Looks a lot like the one who's like Jimmy Page'
Erm...or something.

But now Jimmy Page on 'AHDN'???

These guys must be fated to do something together soon

Anonymous said...

Also looks, from the detail in this incredibly comprehensive article, that "Big" Ron Furmanek is still 'on the outboard' with Apple. Hurrah!

Beatlesblogger said...

Fantastic article on the detail of the AHDN restoration process. Thanks for the link!