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Friday, 7 November 2014

Another free McCartney download

Wings "Rock Show" (New Version) in mp3 format now available.
In November 1974 Paul McCartney and Wings were in the process of recording the album that came to be known as Venus and Mars. As with all recording sessions there are songs and different versions of tracks that don't make the final release.

Today, in association with Geoff Lloyd at UK's Absolute Radio, we bring you another exclusive download only available through This exclusive track is a previously unreleased and unheard version of the song 'Rock Show'.

Link to download:


Anonymous said...

In a word: 'JOYOUS!'

It's not even Christmas yet and the market is full of free-floating Beatle treats, from new adverts in the UK featuring 'We All Stand Together' and 'Real Love' to tribute albums (a new Eminem vs The Beatles mash-up has just hit to join The Art of McCartney and the Flaming Lips sets).
The three McCartney sets, the Beatles vinyl sets...

And we're still waiting for that Destiny single.

Did I leave anything out?
I bet I did :P

Brian Fried said...

Yes, you forgot the Bootleg Series 1964 set which will, undoubtedly, show up on iTunes around Christmas.

And the Record Store Day reproduction of the Long Tall Sally EP as well. ;-)

And that's without the George Harrison box and John Lennon SACD releases.

It's a good time to be a Beatle fan at the moment.

Anonymous said...

ymodybrAbsolutely love this version of 'Rock Show' way beyond all others and the fact that it was a free release is testament to McCartney's not being utterly intent on our credit cards.

And yes, Brian...a LOT of stuff out there. Quite mind boggling. The frequency increases and I have a severe feeling that McCartney and Apple have some shockers ahead