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Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Norwegian Wood no. 117

Norwegian Wood 117
Page 2: Photos: George gets a star in Hollywood
Page 3: Contents page
Page 4-5: Dear Sir or Madam. By editor Ole-Andreas Refsnes.
Page 6-7: From Me To You. President Linda talks about The Beatles as a study in musicology and encourages further reading.
Page 8-9: Joakim Krane Bech reviews two Beatle-related songs with involvement from Yusuf Islam.
Page 10: What Goes On? A diary of forthcoming events
Page 11-19: The Beatles Remasters. The full Apple press release in english
Page 20: A photo of The Beatles 1962-1966 and 1967-1970 combined.
Page 21: A look at the boxes and guitars for The Beatles:RockBand
Page 22-34: On Tour with The Beatles: The Roy Orbison tour 1963 by Roger Stormo
Page 35-55: Sigbjørn Stabursvik ends his presentation of norwegian Beatles single-releases and their release dates (part 3 of 3).
Page 56-57: A look at the newly discovered Quarrymen photo
Page 58-61: Paul and Ringo together for meditation by Linda
Page 62-68: The Beatles and Phil Spector. Ole explores the ties between the recently convicted Spector and The Beatles
Page 69-70: Yellow Submarine: The Beatles' input by Roger Stormo
Page 71-74: A report from Hamburg - Kenneth Sevland has visited the Beatles city of Hamburg
Page 75-80: I read the news today, oh boy by Martin Aasen Wright
Page 81: Album cover Quiz by Joakim.
Page 82: Adresses
Page 83 (inner cover back) The Change Begins Within poster
Back cover: Photos: Ringo and Paul reunion in New York

This time around, the editor has decided to print most of the magazine in colour. The next issue will be a bit delayed, because we are waiting for 09/09/09 to bring us a thing or two to review...

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