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Friday 7 August 2009

The Beatles: Live in Cheltenham Nov 1, 1963

First up: An interview for Italian TV taped at the ABC the night before. The sound has been re-dubbed in to eliminate the Italian voiceover usually found on this clip. Second: The concert clips with re-dubbed sound from the correct source.


elixir101 said...

Some Beatle scholars date the Italian interview as taking place a few months earlier during the Beatles summer tour. Author J C Winn (Way Beyond Compare) suggests June 30 at the ABC Cinema in Great Yarmouth. Author Jörg Pieper (Beatles Film & TV Chronicle 1961-1970) also suggests June 30. Bamiyan (Beatles on Video) informs that the broadcast was presented by TV7 a few months later on Dec 23.

Best wishes
- Jonathan L

chuckberry said...

I'd like to send you this cd for you to listen to and mention in your wogblog
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Quarrymen – Skiffle – Country – Western

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Anonymous said...

isn't this on the "from these small beginnings" dvds somewhere?

elixir101 said...

From These Small Beginnings I think is the same as From Us To You. If so, they date the interview as June 30. However From These Small Beginnings has the concert footage ALSO dated as June 30, but Pop Go The Beatles (FAB Productions) dates the concert footage as Nov 1 (same as this clip). Also note that From These Small Beginnings has a totally different song soundtrack to this footage. So the answer to Anonymous' question is both YES and NO.

rafuza said...

I've never seen before. Thanks for sharing.

Michael Lantz said...

I've never seen this video before.I know that the Beatles had a tape when they visited Ireland back 1963.I would like to see if there was anybody around that might have taped a concert in 1963.

JJ said...

I have an original photograph from this interview, from a slightly different perspective than the video camera. I guess if people cant agree on where the interview took place, the likelihood of finding who took it is remote!!